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Covey Training Is Bogus Crap

The new religion called Covey Training has pretty much replaced the Bible, because most of the hedonists today have given up on Jesus a vacuum was created, and since bullshit abhors a vacuum. Covey Training has filled it.

We're told that this training will make us a more effective person, a better manager, and leader. Now how do we get that from a none business type that has come up with one of the best pyramid schemes since Ponzi.

True managers, supervisors, and bosses can be trained, and usually take right to it, because they have little to do during the day once they have delegated all of their work to the peons, and attended a meeting or two. Leaders however can not be trained. Leaders are born or created by their environment. Leaders set an example with their own work ethic, creativity, and drive. They inspire or at least motivate there charges with charisma, kindness, understanding, and discipline.

People desperately seek leadership and guidance, if they can't find it through religion, or real philosophy they turn to magic and short cuts like expensive and time wasting seminars. Leaders have always been tortured by them. Things like Mary Kaye, Amway, Avon, and Covey Training. Covey however can be valuable to the employee in that it can keep the supervisors away for hours and sometimes even days. Personally I encourage my bosses to attend as many seminars, work shops, and retreats as possible. It allows me to actually get some work done without interference. In the corporate culture this would be a huge waste. It would be better to fire all the people that had time to attend these functions. In government work there is no problem with seminar attendance, because productivity is not hindered, because of course the government produces nothing.

Now I will be conducting a work shop of my own. I plan to make a mountain of money. and here's how. I will charge $1,000.00 a head, which seems outrageous, but read on. My seminar will last for one week for government workers, and 15 minutes for corporations. The content will be exactly the same, but government has more money and time to waste, where as the corporations will be glad to get their people back to the salt mines ASAP. Following is an outline of my instruction. If you are a leader and not stupid enough to fall for this then just read it and go back to work.

The 7 Habits of Highly Cool Dudes

  1. Love somebody
  2. Be Nice
  3. Exercise
  4. Eat your fruits and vegetables
  5. Have as much sex as possible
  6. Don't step in dog poop
  7. Never drink more than a case of Bud a day