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Lowe's Hardware is a great place to avoid, their service isn't, their delivery is done by the Three Stooges, their store managers are almost impossible to track down.

Here's my tail of woe. My wife and I went to Lowe's to buy a refrigerator. That was our mistake, now comes their mistake. We measured our doorway to be sure that we choose a refrigerator that would fit through it. We purchased it and asked for it to be delivered the following Saturday. While surfing the Internet we became concerned that perhaps we had not measured correctly, so we remeasured and realized that the unit was larger than our kitchen door opening. We immediately returned to Lowe's and expressed our concern to the salesman in the department. He assured us that by removing the door the refrigerator would fit, and that if it did not, the delivery people would return it immediately. Well that's not exactly what happened.

On Saturday my wife and I anxiously awaited the arrival of the refrigerator, several pieces of bedroom furniture, and an expensive entertainment center. My wife and I are 60 years old, but we moved furniture all friday night to prepare for the delivery. We cleared a path four feet wide from the front door to the bedroom, and to the kitchen, far more room than necessary. The bedroom furniture and the entertainment center arrived early, The delivery men were friendly and even bought flowers for my wife. We pushed the entertainment center to the side out of our cleared delivery path. The Stooges showed up last at about 4:00 PM. They jerked and slammed our old refrigerator out of the kitchen and down our front steps like a sack of garbage. They then proceeded to jerk the new one in the door after removing the doors. Half way across the living room the delivery man banged into the new unused entertainment center. After struggling for ten minutes these pinheads realized that the unit was not going to make it through the door. They asked if I would remove the molding around the kitchen door. I said no way. So out they went with the new frig. After loading it back on the truck. They came back and asked if we wanted our old frig back, duh? As the men were going out the door I asked the men who I should call about the damage. One said I'll call my supervisor, the other said Lowe's handles that and that there would still of course be a delivery charge.

I immediately called Lowe's. Their first response was that it was the delivery company I should deal with. After being transferd 4 or 5 five times I got a person that told me he would handle it and call me back. He did not. I called the store back and asked to speak to the store manager. They told me they wouldn't be back for several days. I then called another store and asked for the regional manager whom I finally was put in touch with. He told me he knew the assistant manager at that store and would call her for me. Shortly after I got a confused call from the assistant manager who expressed her sympathy, and told me she would call the delivery company and have them call me immediately. They did not. Well here I sit with my old frig that now sounds like a motorcycle, a brand new scratched entertainment center. And I am pissed. In addition the manager told me that I could get a refund if I waited until the delivery truck returned to the store the next day. I thought the next day, I paid cash for this piece of crap? What do these crooks think, that I have a scam where I buy refrigerators, and then run down and get refunds?

The moral of the story is, stay the hell out of this jip joint. Lowe's is low all right.