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Leave Martha Stewart Alone You Cretins

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This woman rulz. She is one of the few women on the planet that are truly liberated. She is a good looking woman with balls, and apparently people hate her for it. They also hate her because people love to create idols and then cut the legs out from under them, they hate her because she is a  housewife turned CEO of her own major corporation, and she did it by baking popovers, arranging flowers, and decorating her houses.

She is accused of insider trading, so what! Now it looks like the stock she blew off may have been righteous to begin with, but never the less if you wouldn't dump a bad stock after getting information about its downfall. Then you are just a damn fool. I'd sell that crap in a New York minute.

And who is after Martha? Lawyers and government officials, better known as harlots and shiftless swine. These people couldn't give a rat's ass about insider trading. They care care about their political future and money. Just what they accuse her of.

The woman walked through the weak like Grant through Richmond, as it should be. Evolution wants people like Martha Stewart, not like her middle aged husband with the brain of a horny teenager, that dumped her for one of Martha's flunkies. Like all classless people he sold out an empire for a second rate piece of tail.

I hope the woman gets off of this bogus charge and her sales go through the roof. That would be a damn good thing.