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The Once Great American Military Currently Blows

Soldiers kill people, that's all they do. In a great military, they don't strive for equality, diversity, educational benefits. They are not women, homosexuals, or idiots, or small fry. They don't do police work, feed people, or volunteer for charity work.

We have great soldiers, that would be about  five percent of the military. They are primarily among the aviators, Special Forces, Seals, etc. The run of the mill soldier today is either a women, illiterate, poor, or just unable to find a real job.

We have had several little shoot outs in the Middle East over the last decade or so. Those fights were primarily between uneducated Semitic people with second rate weapons and swords, and all the military technology known to man. God help us if we ever have another real war like World War II, or Vietnam. We're just not ready. Our body count would be huge, and we might even lose.

The cure for the current military is to let most of them go through attrition, and re institute the draft. The draft when fairly used brings in a cross section of America, and no women. We would have diversity with intellect. Step two would be to dump the old men that currently lead  the military, correction, manage the military. Most of todays Generals, and Admirals are bureaucrats, that want to maintain their status. They have never lead men in battle. Most of them are too fat to herd sheep.

Thirdly dump political correctness, diversity, women, homosexuals, and high school drop outs, let them get jobs at hamburger joint, and rental centers.

Fourth dump media coverage. We get a report every time a soldiers farts, or every time one of the enemy is killed. There should be no reports until at least 10,000 enemy are killed.

Fifth stop worrying about civilian casualties. In the great wars this nation has won we slaughtered thousands, as it should be. The hell with the infirmed, women, children, schools, and hospitals, bomb them until they say uncle. When the enemy soldier starts believing he may have no home to go back to. He'll begin to lighten up.

Decide if we need to go to war with someone, and then kill everybody you can until they submit, and they will.