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What's Wrong with America?

That's an easy one. Many Americans fall below the stupid level on the Bell curve, there are too many filthy lawyers facilitating windfall fortunes for the suing public. Talk about biting the hand that feeds you. They sue the automobile manufacturers, major corporations, tobacco, McDonalds, your neighbor, and then wonder why the economy is shaky.

American selfishness abounds. I am not an ardent environmentalist, but we can all make small concessions like not driving vehicles the size of houses to transport 120 lb women or 180 lb men.

My lovely City recently sold one of the last remaining natural wetlands in the area. They attempted to sell it to land developers for a paltry sum. to make up for poor budgeting on their part. Fortunately a neighboring city acquired it, but I still don't have great hope for its future.

Unions have forced almost all industry off shore with their outrageous wage demands. The IRS taxes corporations for profits made in foreign countries.

We no longer have the will to fight a war, and win it.

The ACLU and it's elk have brought tradition, and religion to near extinction.

Yep, that's an easy one.

The Pussyfication of America
Men taking days off to tend the kids, women ditch diggers. How nice. There will always be males and females, that's nature, and nature will always out. Unfortunately we are currently a trans gendering society. Men are slowly growing breasts, so that they can stay home from work and feed their young. Women in turn are more rapidly growing penis'. All will remain the same, it's just the old switcharoo. Life and success are all about the acquisition of money and power, both financial power, and physical power. Glass ceilings and exclusions from golf clubs aren't the problems, only the symptoms of the attempts of one group of people to wrest power and control from another group of people. Woman try to convince men that nurturing and understanding are what they are looking for in a man, bullshit! All the while attempting to seek the same things that men have sought since time began.

The male of the species is the hunter gatherer, the female is the fire watcher, and child producer. This will always be so. It appears however that periodically over generations. These two group swap sex organs, and one becomes the other.

Politicians like Tom Daschle, and Trent Lott epitomize the new caring male, gag, retch. Men were made to kick ass and take names. Women know that today, men are fast forgetting. This transition started in about the fifties. When we first began to lose wars due to pussyitis among politicians, continued through Viet Nam, and through these little silly ass dessert skirmishes we are having in the Middle East.

America was created by woman making biscuits and babies, and men killing Indians, englishmen, Germans, Japs, etc. And bringing dead animals home for the women to cook. It will always be that way, that's the natural way. It's just that yesterday's women are tomorrows men.

Air Quotes and such

Today I revisit some of my pet peeves.

People that use air quotes should be added to the list of those to be executed or at least incarcerated for two life sentences. I'm begging to stop. The only good thing about air quotes is that you immediately know you're dealing with an idiot.

Handicap license plates. No way no how. If your doctor signs for you to have handicap plates. His medical license should be suspended, and your driving privilege should end immediately. What kind of handicaps do these pinheads have, brain damage, blindness, insanity, athlete's foot. It appears most of them are just obese or too old to be driving anyway. End it, end it now! Does anybody really want more impaired drivers on the road, huh. huh, do ya do ya?

Interviews with basketball players, and boxers, oh the humanity! Children shouldn't be allowed to see this. It's an embarrassment to civilization, or at least what there is left of it. Thank god the people can do something, but isn't it in poor taste to have idiot savants interviewed on TV. They all give a 110%. How is that since most of them can't calculate a tip? Save the children shield them from this horror.

Take care, take care. Take care of this you idiot! How about good bye, go to hell, eat me, or just a wave. Not take care. Take care of what? What do you think I'm going to do? Walk out in front of cars, juggle machetes, shave with a blow torch, of course I going to take care. Shut up!

More on this later, I'm now too pissed to go on...

PeTA is a Wrong Headed and Evil Religious Cult

An organization that cares about monkeys, squirrels, and roaches, but could apparently care less about humanity. PeTA takes a strong stand on the eating of chicken, but has nothing to say about aborting life, or feeding starving children. PeTA is one of the many new cult like religions, i.e. Gay rights, Environmentalism, Paganism, Peace activism, New Ageism, Vegetarianism, etc. As universities turn out more under educated and naive children they adopt these causes to replace religion.

It's not just religion however every issue can be seen from at least two perspectives, religious and non-secular. If one looks to the Bible to defeat PeTAism. Then it clearly gives us dominion over the animals, to say nothing of the many animal sacrifices throughout the Bible. The Bible doesn't seem to have a particularly high regard for the non-human animal. God speaks of the dogs of the street in a somewhat derogatory manor, as well as casting demons into suicidal pigs. But then PeTA seems to be a more non-spiritual  group, and in that case who cares what we do to animals. If there are no spiritual rules to life. Then we can pretty much do as we please, as long as we are strong enough to prevail.

The new cults like PeTA take the young, stupid, naive, and un lived out of their educational environment and utilize their uninformed lives to control them and use them as pawns.

If  PeTA really cares about all animal life then shouldn't they be protecting virus', bacteria and meat eating carnivores. Do the great cats, and the grisly really need meat? I think not. Perhaps we could get volunteers from the ranks of PeTA to replace the necessary animals used in experimentation to save humans from disease. PeTA of course has their boiler plate nonsense to dispute these views, but how about the animals that the hunting animals take. Don't these animals have rights? How about crab lice, and the tick that carries Lyme disease? What about the rabid dog? What about Semen and eggs, aren't these living things, and shouldn't they be protected? Do PeTAites use tick and flea products on their pets, and if not would you want to visit them?

Could we possibly fine a leather belt, purse, shoes, etc anywhere near a PeTA zealot? How about a plastic bag, toaster DVD player, television, IV bag, and the list goes on? Do they drive, use gasoline and oil. Do they heat their houses? These are all byproducts of dead critters, as I'm sure they must know. Surely they learned this in chemistry class at college.

Only in a country in which so many have died and killed to maintain freedom could children have the idle time to contemplate such nonsense issues as animal rights.

PeTA speaks of bringing animals into a world of cruelty and pain. Is that to say that if there is the possibility that one's life many contain pain or cruelty that we should abort them. The animals that we raise and kill for food would never have the glory of life at all were it up to PeTA.

I have know pain and cruelty in my life, but I would still choose life with pre-knowledge of all that would befall me. As I m sure would all the animals if they had but reason to make that choice. They however do not and by that very fact they exclude themselves from rights as defined by reasoning animals. Neither our religious or civil laws have chosen to bestow these rights upon them nor should they. It is of course our duty as compassionate humans to treat animals with kindness and compassion until we eat them.

Peace Through the use of Quantum Mechanics

"Never carry a knife to a gunfight" Exactly what we are doing today in defense of our nation. M-16s, tanks, and grenades are passe in a modern world. They will lead to the death of many a soldier.

China, Korea, and Islam seethe today. We're talking about billions of people that hate us. When they acquire the technology to do it. They will attempt to destroy us. Instead of waiting for the inevitable, and fighting small wars over oil. It's time to take the bull by the horns.

What will happen when mainland China decides to reacquire Taiwan, North Korea invades South Korea, or the next World Trade Center incident?

It's time for evolution to take a giant step forward, and save American lives in the process. These cancer like growths in the world can only be expunged by radiation therapy. A few dozen well placed nuclear missiles will end America's problems, and help other devolving parts of the world control their populations. Do we kill a billion Chinese today, or try to feed 5 billion in 20 years? Do our women want to wear sheets and return to the days of yesteryear?

Strike while the iron is hot. The world is controlled by power and always will be. We need to use ours before we lose it. Bomb the inferior back to the time in which they currently live. They like caves, primitive religion, and tribal life. Give them more of what they want. NOW. Nuke the bastards before it's too late. Whoa!

Potential Problems with Religion 

This is not a condemnation of religion. I have no answers, only questions. People will say. I don't know if I believe in God or not. Many times the refrain will be. It can't hurt. My question is can it?

How much of religion is culture, neurosis, fear of death, salve for guilt? Well you have to have faith. Faith in the Jewish god, the Christian God, the Hindu god, the Native American gods, the Sun, Buddha, or the God of Islam, God forbid? Are we holding back intellectual growth, mankind, the gross national product by arbitrarily choosing and believing in one of these gods?

Let's get specific. Better to pluck your eyeball out that to lust after women, Yikes, that could be a real problem. No other gods before me, now that's confusing. Your going to hell if you don't believe in the right one. Now that could turn ugly on you. How many people have died in defense of their religion or god? The numbers are legion. Religion can really cramp one's social life, i.e. if there is no god you could possibly pass up many opportunities for sex due to various religious constraints. I'd hate to think I missed any, and then find out in the end I was just worm feed.

All the Ten Commandments are of equal weight? Tell that to somebody who has to choose between the death penalty and telling a lie. Not much of a choice there.

How much of neurotic perfectionism comes from religion, is that healthy?

If a father had a child and didn't put in an appearance, provide financial support, or at least play catch with his kid for his entire life. He'd be in Family and Domestic Relations Court every week. Shouldn't god make an appearance every now and then?

I think religious zealots are goofy, because they profess to know all the answers. Atheists are just as goofy and uninformed as the zealots, for they profess to know all the answers as well, yet provide no hope. Then there are the truly stupid, the new agers, environmentalists, the Petaites. People that believe in cocker spaniels, crystals, and global warming, or cooling, as the case may be at any given moment. We all obviously want to believe in something. But come on folks let's think about it a little more than what's for supper.

If there is a god, there is no doubt that he is so much more intelligent than us that we can no more comprehend him than an ant can understand the theory of relativity. yet if he exists there can be no question that things are as they should be. That he knows our weaknesses and imperfections, and that he will judge us on our best efforts


Standing by the road watching traffic. It occurs to me that most people want to be some place else. I sometimes find that true of myself. When I'm here I want to be there, and visa versa..

There seems a general anxiety in society, that is over and above the more specific Paxil, Prozac varieties. We need to move, do, shop, play constantly. I don't run into a lot of people just calmly sitting and thinking. The few that appear to do that, seem to have discovered it through thought, prayer, meditation, and drugs. Do we fear the stillness and thought that might bring inquiry and questions? The folks that find solitude in prayer, meditations, or drugs. Though they be still and silent at times, are not usually thinkers. Generally they have bought into a doctrine, or course of action thought of by others. i.e. thinkers, prophets, or teachers of another time less frenetic. Or they use drugs and place themselves in a trance. In which they seek or want no answers. The few individuals that I have met that seem secure in themselves and seem not be be seeking answers, or asking questions, appear to deal directly with life through necessity and pleasure.

I've read some of the philosophers, prophets, and thinkers, and found that most don't have answers themselves. They primarily generate more questions. People search through religion, philosophy, and pleasure to find satisfaction, happiness, and joy in life. Is there anything to find? That perfect peace religion and enlightenment promise. That final trip to heaven where we sit for eternity happy as a pig in poop. We all know pleasure, through food, sex, reading, television, etc.

If there is a god, surely he is more intelligent than his flock, and he knows the answers. It seems to me that if god exists and knows all there is to know, Then things must be as they should. Perhaps god knows that pleasure is in climbing a mountain swimming a stream not in reaching the top or the other side. The mountain top is probably barren, the other side of the stream may have snakes. The true joy in life may be in the search for perfection and enlightenment not the acquisition. Or then it could be that the answer is a glass of bourbon and a good looking babe.

Whatever your philosophy or destination remember the immortal words of Augustus McCall to Lorie Darling in the Book Lonesome Dove. "San Francisco is just another place. Now the only healthy way to live as I see it, is to learn to like all the little everyday things. Like a glass of buttermilk of a morning."


Why does humanity hate itself? Religious, political, racial, economic differences. Nope we just hate ourselves. These are symptoms of our hate not reasons.

Consider racial differences. Do you really believe there would be any difference in outcome if the color of slavery were reversed.? Many people have replaced traditional religion with social concerns and activism, the environment, animal rights, the homeless. But these folks don't seem anymore peaceful than the religious zealots. They've just found other reasons to discriminate and hate. Then what is the reason for man's hate of himself? I believe he is overwhelmed with the weight of population, big cities, government and charity.

At one time we interacted among a few friends and neighbors. We cared for those close to us and saw to their needs. As society has grown we are overwhelmed with the huge problems of society. We necessarily become hardened, frustrated and colder. Was the human being meant to take on god like responsibilities for all the people? It's easy to love a few people. It's another thing to love the whole world, and take responsibility for it..

What can we do? Probably not much, but perhaps turning off the television , radio, and sticking with the Gracious Living part, and Sports sections of the newspaper. Concerning ourselves with our family, and the poor kid down the block rather than the staving masses across the planet


What is news? Is it the latest murder, airplane crash, flood or other natural disaster? I always thought it was useful information. Is a storm coming my way, is there a killer loose in my neighborhood, information about an up coming vote or event. That's not what we get though. We get what happened yesterday. The gruesome details of the latest mass murder. The trial of OJ, in other words something we can do nothing about except, become angry, depressed or just overwhelmed. we'd all be better off if we turned the news off. Todays news is essentially just a vehicle for endless advertisements.

Why do we Care?

Why in the world would a good American care what the rat like vermin in other countries think of us? Hell we don't even care what each other think. Right now it's France, Germany, Russia, and Britain bad mouthing us.

We're an arrogant super power the world says. I say yes and your point is? Of course we're not an arrogant superpower. We are the only arrogant super power, because we are the only super power.

One reason we are a great nation is because we don't care what other people think about us. Oh, the Liberal breast feeders, the charities for fly ridden children, and kids that had no direction in college (Peace Corps types) care about the rest of the world. Frankly the rest of the world is just ancient history to me. Impoverished inner cities with a lot of very old buildings and fountains that don't work.

Germany is a country that is defeated several times a century, France surrenders to anyone that might possibly have a box cutter, Russia a huge god forsaken snow hell, Britain still living in the 19th century. Gee I wonder why these people are envious of us? If we are so hated, why do people from across the planet flock here? If we continue to allow people to migrate to America, there should be a few ground rules.

         Learn English within the year, and never speak that crappy language that you left again.

         Get a job within one week of arriving here.

         If you apply for any kind of benefit before you become a citizen, you will immediately be deported.

         You must bathe daily.

        Leave your pagan beliefs and second rate religion back in the hell you are fleeing.

         Never wear your native clothing or practice any ethnic rituals, i.e. dances, songs, or mating.

         Realize that diversity is bogus.

Obey these simple rules and you can stay here. At least until you screw up and piss us off. Remember It not just, "America love her or leave her," it's also "If you don't like America stay in your stinking country."

The Israelis and The Palestinians

Problem; How do we resolve the Israeli Palestinian situation? Answer; We don't. From Star fleet we have the reason:

Do not interfere with the development of foreign civilizations
It is forbidden to all spaceships and members of Star fleet to interfere with the normal development of any culture or society. This directive is more important than the protection of spaceships or members of Star fleet. Losses are tolerated as long as they are necessary to observe this directive.

This is the main reason we shouldn't interfere with other cultures. The other reason is that even if we choose to interfere it is futile. These two cultures are religiously based, both claiming that God gave them this land. Now how are you going to argue with that? If in fact God gave the land to one of them, then let him decide, because no one else has the right answer or the might to break up this fight without exacerbating the issues between them. It's my belief that last man standing is the only solution in the Middle East.

Now if we choose to look at the conflict through our national interest, then the choice is easy. Islam is a failed, backward, and crippling religion, that oppresses women, and knowledge, and they hate us. So I say annihilate the heathen swine take the oil we discovered, refined and shipped until it was nationalized by the dictators of these losers, and be done with this nonsense, before this rat like culture reproduces itself beyond containment. and the entire world is stupid with BO.

I guess I came up with a solution after all, never mind.