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Time for Revolution

The country is going to hell in a hand basket. It’s time for the citizens to regain control. Taxes are overwhelming. There is no difference between the political parties, including the Libertarians. They all give our money away to maintain or gain office. The government and the public school system has become a catch all to provide jobs for the incompetent.

Lawyers and louts run the country, sorry for the redundancy. Seventy-five percent of the people are looking for a brother or sister to sue, and the soulless attorneys are there to facilitate it.

The public schools are a joke, run by incompetent union workers, turning out a dumber generation every 12 years.

The government is giving tax returns to people that have never paid taxes.

The Social Security trust fund has neither trust nor money. The government is allowing immigration of the swine other countries don't want; so that they can maintain the ponzi pyramid we call Social Security.

The health care system which shouldn't even exist according to the Constitution is bloated and near bankruptcy. And now the politicians are going to give us free prescription drugs.

The television is controlled by reality shows, which in fact have no semblance of reality, at least I hope not.

We continue to invite all the religious of the world to come to this country and promote there heathen beliefs, while forbidding Christian prayer in schools, and the Pledge of Allegiance.

We have gone past the ability of dialogue, debate, and logic to solve our problems we need another bigger and better Boston Tea Party. These people created American by Revolution over a small tax on tea. What are we waiting for?