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Why is America Being Over run with Stinking Immigrants?

There are some small peripheral reasons like politicians wanting the hispanic, African-American, or immigrant vote, so as either to not offend their political constituency, or to obtain votes. But the real reason is the failed pyramid scheme that we call Social Security. The greatest Ponzi scheme ever perpetrated on the largest number of people. Pyramid schemes do not work, the exponential load required to maintain the the pyramid  so overwhelms it that it fails in short order. The American government has been able to set a time record with this scheme through the use of over taxation, and robing the rich to pay the louts, but it is failing now, and will tumble like the house of cards that it is as the baby boomer generation comes of age.

There is no active government conspiracy here, because the government is incapable of keeping a secret due to the  greed of the average politician, and the media presence they require. It is just that any reasonably intelligent person knows the system is failing. Government though corrupt knows that the system will fail even though there is no discussion of the matter. They all know that unless the population is increased by a huge number that the game is over and there will be chaos in the streets. The immigrants are necessary to pay for the future Social Security recipients, which will be legion, because there is no Social Security Trust Fund.

The solution: Stop the influx of illegal immigrants by placing armed guards at the borders with orders to kill, and privatize Social Security. If this is not done there will be Alpo riots in the streets within ten years.