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The Weatherman

Why in the world, would a station owner, television or radio pay more than 10 dollars and hour for a weatherman? They are usually 4 or 5 per station all looking very prosperous, but dead wrong on the weather. We used to have one old guy with a big pad and a magic maker that was also never right, but came cheap. Couldn't the janitor or one of the maids take a break and do the weather for an extra 5 or 6 bucks? These people unlike the weatherman usually step outside to dump the garbage or smoke. They would at least be correct to the half hour, and if from the country perhaps as much as several hours.

We listen to these people drone on and on about northeasters, hurricanes, dangerous lightning, snow, sleet, and hail. What the hell are we supposed to do with this information? Leave home, the state, the country, the continent. These people are useless. They're pretty good in general, e.g. in the summer it will be hot and humid, winter will be cold and cloudy. After these generalities they tend to stray with their predictions.

Recommendation: Station managers, fire these boobs, and cut us a little slack when it comes to your endless commercials, and weather emergency alerts. If you insist on maintaining these teams of weather people, then at least make them good looking women and have them do the weather in the nude, or perhaps kill the existing weatherman every time he's wrong. That would end it pretty quick.